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One of my most popular services
   Filming Hotel seminars - Interviewing attendees
    Call for  more details   214 783 7773
Here's more services

 I'm a turn-key producer, in other words,  I do it all -  edit your footage,  post it on YOUTUBE or simply place it on a flash drive for you to use. 

Will you have clients at your event?  DID YOU KNOW the most valuable video footage you'll ever own are personal testimonies acquired from satisfied clients?   Let me help.                            


 My cameras,  wireless microphone are always included.  If you request special services  such as props, actors, out-of-town locations etc.,  I  will charge for these services on a cost only basis. It's all straight forward and honest.   Be  assured - no surprise costs.                                                        
Relationships are everything

Producing videos is fun and creatively-challenging work.   No video production process has been more satisfying than going beyond my customers' expectations.   It's still true "what you give you will receive."  I have been a freelance video producer for the past 24 years.


You might want to ask yourself this question:                                                  "WHAT ABOUT BOB?"                                   
                    call now ask for Bob 214 783 7773